Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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On Target Professionals offers a variety of services that give your company the leading edge. We are sure you will have questions as well, please take a moment to let us answer questions you may have. If there is anything that is not explained below then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Events web design consulting General
  • What type of events can you do? [ top ]
    We can help with corporate events, sales or service conventions, trade shows and many more.

  • Do i have to use your providers? [ top ]
    No you don't. we can enter information from any provider into our system so exhibitors or attendees can order as needed.

  • How much does it cost? [ top ]
    the cost will vary depending on which services you request. The basic principle is that by allowing us to work for you, we will be able to save you money and increase the effectiveness of your event. Please call us at 763-670-7447 to discuss how we can make your event the best ever!

  • why should i choose you? [ top ]
    we bring all of the puzzle pieces together! imagine how nice it will be to have one team coordinating everything for you, your exhibitors, the providers and facility services.

  • Do i have to use all of your services? [ top ]
    while we find that once you have used the whole suite of services there will no going back, we open up each of the services to be used on their own. select the services you would like to use and give us a call.

  • how do i register? [ top ]
    select event portal on the home page and choose whether you are an exhibitor or attendee. select the register option to create an account or simply log in if you already have one. select the next option and follow the prompts.

  • What is a promo code? [ top ]
    the promo code is used to restrict access to registration for events to a select exhibitor list or to restrict the view of virtual booths to attendees that have paid to attend the event.

  • why do i need a new site? [ top ]
    the internet has become the most widely used form of business to business and business to consumer communications. as a result, the level of quality and functionality expected has increased dramatically.

  • what type of site should it be? [ top ]
    how you want to use this tool will determine the type of site you will need. There are three main types of sites: informational - interactive - e-commerce. we will help you determine which will fit your needs.

  • how do i get started? [ top ]
    Once you have determined the type of site that you would like, we will work with you on putting together a scope for the project. As with any project, it is very important to cover all of the details form every possible aspect. We want to make sure that the end result fits the vision.

  • what does it cost? [ top ]
    The cost will vary depending on what you would like to have done. While there are companies that offer cookie cutter sites at low rates, these types of sites still require a lot of manipulation to fit your needs. Even then, they still will not provide the custom vision that you have.

  • what type of sites can you make? [ top ]
    We can make virtually any type of site that you would like. Our primary focus when developing a site for our clients is to provide a functional, modern and user friendly site that will do everything that it needs to efficiently. Whether that is an html, .net, flash, java, asp or other type, we will help you choose what will work the best.

  • what is SEO? [ top ]
    search engine optimization is to increase the ability of your web site to be recognized by search engines. this is performed through many functions from site content to search engine campaigns.

  • can you host my site? [ top ]
    absolutely! in fact, we provide many hosting options to fit your needs. We also have many additional add on features to enhance your site.

  • what type of consulting do you offer? [ top ]
    currently, we offer event related consulting and logistics consulting. With over 25 years experience in the logistics industry, we can help you plan an efficient operation, negotiate carrier rates to better than industry benchmarks and manage global carrier operations. For events, our team uses the best providers that have decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

  • why do i need this? [ top ]
    Why indeed! When was the last time you checked your shipping rates to see if you are getting the best possible rates? we take a close look at every aspect of your operation and show you how to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • can you travel to our facilities? [ top ]
    yes. the current rate is $750 per day plus expenses. we do find this very helpful and will only make this type of expenditure when it makes sense to do so. We want to save you money wherever possible.

  • do you keep my payment information? [ top ]
    we only keep information on a specific order where the transaction was processed as required. when you place additional orders, you will be required to provide payment information again.

  • can i sell your services? [ top ]
    yes. Please call us to discuss your business and how to become an agent.

  • are you hiring? [ top ]
    not at this time. please check back.