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Corporate Logistics - Services Description:

Complete Logistics Evaluation – Our team will analyze your logistics from small parcel to full truckload to insurance to accounting to preparation procedures. We will provide a complete analysis along with solutions to implement an efficient cost effective logistics program.
Contract Negotiation – Work with desired carriers on a discount that will suit the needs of the Customer. This is very time consuming and may take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the account.
Contract Management - After the carrier contract(s) are accepted and signed, ensuring the stipulations of the contract are maintained.
  • Electronic Billing - Receiving electronic file from carrier.
  • Customized Billing – Providing the customer with a detailed billing statement via printed format or electronic format.
  • Consolidated Billing – Providing one complete bill that will include billing from all designated carriers. No more sorting through a stack of bills.
  • Cost Accuracy Verification – Providing accurate billing the first time. We will correct the charges and work with the carrier to have the adjustment made.
  • Auditing – Ensures that carriers are upheld to their service commitments and provide you credits for service failures and unauthorized charges.
Customer Service – We offer different tools and services to help your business save valuable time and money.
  • One Time Billing – This service will provide a bill to you only one time regardless of additional charges that may come through on a later invoice.
  • Integration – Our team is very knowledgeable in all of the available technology offered by the carriers and third party providers. We will make recommendations on a program that will fit your business needs.
Cool Tools – We offer different tools and services to help your business save valuable time and money.

If you have any questions regarding your current services or are interested in additional features, please contact us at 866-444-2686.